Thursday, August 29, 2019

PE hurumanu.

Hi people today i am going to blog about what we did this week in PE i was not here on monday so i do not know what we did on monday but i can say what we did today. what we did today. in the first part of PE we did our Sport Planning sheet we were working on that for have of  a hour then we whet and did some wam ups and the we did some pratcion. my fav part of PE was when we did praatcioning and i just waht to say something PE is my fav thing in school right now.i hope nyou like my blog post if something is wrong tell me pls in comente part thank you bye -_- <3

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

CIP week 6

Today in CIP we watch a video that one of the All Blacks sent to us  I felt  very happy because it was the All Blacks. My uncle loves the All Blacks I like to  so does my sister here is the video. I hope you like the video and my post if there is something wrong in it can you pls tell me thank you.the way that this impact our comenot is that you say one nice thing and then it will go around and that is how it does.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

PE Hurumanu week 1

This week we have started a new Hurumanu PE we have Miss Simpsons and Miss Birtch. In PE we have done some fitness testing.  I was the the one who put the thing on the doc. We did fitness testing because to see how we would go and to see how we would change in the term. In the fitness testing I got 1.8 for M1 and I got 2.0 for M2 and that was for the Vertical Jump. For the sit and riche I got 22. For the sit ups I got 11 I was so happy at myself. For the grip test I got 6. For the beep test I got 3.2 I think I did a bad job of that. I think I need to inprope on the beep test because I need to get more fast.I think I am going to inprope in this area by doing some more running .The why I work successfully with others in the why of helping them if they need help. The why my aacions help is that if needed help I will go and doing that for them. The why I help someone when they were struggle is by saying you got this and showing them how to do it. I hope you like this blog post that I have done.

CIP week 5

In CIP we did making something for the All Blacks we could choose if we want to be in a group. If you were in a group you could not be in a group with more than four people if you were doing a dance or a song or a video.  If you were making a posta you could choose to be in a group if you were you could not be in a group with more than two people. I was doing a song/poem I was in a group with Jessica and Belle and myself I hope you like the song/pome hear it is.

Belle danni jessica all together 
Song for the ALL BLACKS

Hi all black this is for you.

Far away from losing 
Heading into the field
Your mind is on the game 
Fired into the win

And the less you hear people saying “boo-boo”
The more you hear people saying “go you”
The best voice are covering up the bad voice you hear on the field
You digging into the win 
Underneath hate
Close to winning making them scarrer 
Then you digging away the hate

Your saying this is our game song “we are going to win”
Taking back the hate songs

Prove your going to win this
My game power’s are turned on
Starting on the field i’ll be strong 
I’ll play my game song 

Down by the field 
Where the game must go on
Back to the lockers 
I have to go
Because I need to change 
The team must try and win 

Every time we try our best 
We will drag them to the ground 
Were going to spend another night trying our best 

hope you like it

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

CIP week 5

Hi the people who read my blog I what to show you what i have done in my CIP week 5. I have done some things about the All Blacks I have done a chart that have three things on it here it is I hope you like it.