Wednesday, August 8, 2018

my name is danni i am a year  6 it would be so nice if you follow me

-i have done dance since i was 3

- and i love to go to Disney land

-i love pizza

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

my cool reding

Skim a range of texts, locate specific information and summarise in your  own words
Show you understand the meaning of the text by answering these questions. Remember to use evidence from the text in your answers.

  1. How did the author start the story?
The author start the story by jeltin picked the icky marshmallow  bits and dropped them on the floor
2) WHat does it mean when it says ‘Jetlin sat quivering on his bed’?
Jetlin was shaking on his bed
3)  What was all he could think of?
Boys do not exist
4) What is the idea of the story? What is funny about it?
That there was a boy under the bed
And the funny  part was that the monster was scared of the boy
5)What is the problem?
That there was a boy under the bed
6) How did they solve the problem?
When the boy went back into the trap door thay borde it up
7) How did the boy get there?
He got there by a trapdoor that his sister lock
6)  Why did Mum say ‘you will have to check the door every hour, Jetlin’?
`so the boy sister would unlock it
7) Why could Jetlin not look at his snailburger and seaweed salad?
Because he had to go to bed

New Knowledge: Write the meaning of these words/phrases

Trapdoor:  something that you can go  
shrugged: when you move your shoulder up and then down
crawled: when you are on your knees and moving ford and  back
secret: when something tells you something that they want no one to know
Slithered:  when you are on you back or tammen and moving

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

here is my cool summarise

This week we are reading there is a boy under the bed the story stars like this jelfin picked the icky marshmallow bits out of his monster sardin and broccoli muffin and dropped them in the floor then a small pink hand reached out from under the bed and snatch them up . jeltin leaned to the side of the bed to look under to see if there is a  boy under the bed then a boy jump out for under the bed then jeltin and his mum saw the boy. He said that his sisters found the trapdoor and they put me thuot there and locked it behind me so that how i got here so jeltin said do you want want on tall they unlock it ok said the boy the next day the trapdoor was unlocked so he went back then jeltin mum nailed the door suht
and that is the end